We (full names) _________________________________________ of (address) __________




We request that Good Wills store our Wills in its Will safe.


We understand that this is subject to the following conditions:


1.      Payment of an annual fee, currently £15 per Will.  We have completed the Standing Order Form below accordingly.

2.      The Wills may be replaced by us with new Wills at any time.  When this is done Good Wills will destroy the old Wills.

3.      The Wills will be forwarded to us or given to us upon signed written request.  They will also be given to any person we may authorise in writing to receive them, or who is so authorised by a court order or other proper authority to receive them.

4.      The Will(s) will be forwarded, or given, to any executor named in the Will(s) upon production of proof of my/our death and proof of the identity of the executor.

5.      Good Wills are under no obligation to advise us of any changes to our Wills that might be advisable due to changes in the law or other events.

6.      The annual fee may be varied from time to time and is not refundable in whole or in part.

7.      Good Wills reserve the right to discontinue storing the Wills at any time, and to forward them to us.

8.      We will keep Good Wills informed of any change of address.


Signed  ____________________________    Signed  ____________________________





Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Standing Order


To The Manager:         __________________________________ Bank or Building Society


Address:                      _______________________________________________________


                                    ___________________ Postcode ____________________________


Name of account holder(s)      _________________________________________________


Account Number         ________________________________ Sort Code  ______________


Date                             ________________________________________________________


Please pay £30.00 per annum to:


Shernaz Motivala t/a Good Wills

Abbey National Bank, East Grinstead Branch, PO Box 383, 21 Prescot Street, London E1 8RP

Sort Code 09 01 27 Account number 36915240


 Beginning on the date this instruction is received


Signed ____________________________________________________________________