Why are more and more people placing their assets into a Trust? 

Once the preserve of the landed gentry, Trusts are now more popular than ever with those wanting to make sure that their wishes are respected and that they do the best for their loved ones.  Here are just some of the questions clients ask themselves before deciding to include a Trust in their Estate Planning:



Via a Will

In a Trust

Will my children lose part of their inheritance to an ex-wife or husband if they get divorced? 



In most cases, yes



Can I leave everything to my children but make sure my grandchildren aren’t bypassed due to divorce or re-marriage? 







If my children get into financial difficulties, could their inheritance be seized by their creditors? 







After I have passed on, how long will my children have to wait before they can benefit from their inheritance? 



National average is 9 months

Immediate access

Is it possible to reduce or eliminate Inheritance Tax



Yes, in most cases.


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