Our Services

Standard Wills


A basic Will for one person or basic mirror Wills for two people leaving everything to each other on first death and then to children or executors on second death


Specialised Wills


A Will for one person or two Wills for a couple with additional clauses and beneficiaries


Tenancy Severance & Protective Property Trust


Protecting your estate should a spouse or partner marry or remarry after your death


Lasting Power of Attorney


Giving another limited or unlimited power to make decisions on your behalf when you lack capacity


Advance Directive – Living Wills


Leaving clear instructions of your wishes regarding refusal or preferences in respect of medical decisions


Will Amendments


Changes made to an existing Will drawn up by Good Wills




Changes made to an existing Will not drawn up by Good Wills




Putting assets into Trust to protect them for any of the following reasons: so your children won’t lose part of their inheritance to an ex-spouse if they get divorced; leaving everything to children but making sure grandchildren are not bypassed by divorce or re-marriage; protecting assets from creditors if your children get into financial difficulties; avoiding probate delays and fees (currently the average time for a grant of probate is 9 months); reducing or eliminating inheritance tax


Will Storage


Your Wills stored in a fire resistant, flood proof safe.  We can also send a letter to your Executors advising them we are holding the original Will so they know who to contact when it needs to be retrieved