Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
Thinking about your funeral and discussing it with relatives can be a very uncomfortable thing for you to do.  But pre-planning your funeral is a responsible way to show you care for your family. 
Why should you pre-plan your funeral? 

·        You get to choose the funeral you’d like

·        You take all the stress and worry away from your loved ones at a very emotional time

·        You pay at today’s prices

Having a pre-paid plan enables you to organise every detail of your funeral how you wish.  By having a plan there is no question of what your wishes were – something that can sometimes cause conflict within a family. 

When a loved one passes away it is a very upsetting time, this is made worse when the stress of having to organise a funeral is added. 

The average cost of a funeral has risen by 61% in the last seven years.  You avoid expenses by paying at today’s prices no matter how much the cost rises in the future.  Each plan includes money for disbursements (doctor’s fees, clergy fees, cremation or burial costs etc.) so there will be very little, if anything, to pay when the time comes.